Basic Roulette Strategy

RouletteRoulette is considered to be one of the oldest and most famous casino related games. It basically refers to ‘little wheel’ in French. There are 38 numbers on it, including 0 and 00. Apart from the three sets of numbers each from 1 to 12, the table also contains 1-18, 19-36, even, odd, red and black. This game purely inclines towards bets and luck. Based on the concept of mathematical probability, there basically six basic strategies related to roulette :

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  • The Martingale Strategy : This betting system is one of the oldest systems. The martingale strategy could be understood with a coin, for instance if the player gets heads then he wins and if he gets tails, then he loses. But in the case of a roulette, the heads and tails are instead the color red and the color black. So the gambler has a 50% probability in his stake. If the gambler loses, the bet is doubled, thus covering his  gains and his loss. In short words, you win less and you lose more.
    • The Reverse Martingale Strategy : Also called as the Anti-Martingale Strategy or The Paroli , this roulette system, as the name itself suggests, is the exact opposite of the martingale strategy. In the previous strategy after a gambler loses his stake, the bet will be doubled but in this case, the bet is doubled only after the gambler wins his stake. The drawback is that at one point in time, the gambler will lose his bet and along with it all his profits.
  • D’Alembert Strategy : The D’Alembert betting system is one of the safest strategy to use.It is also known as the Pyramid theory. After a lose the bet is increased but at a much lower rate as compared to the Martingale system. It is an even strategy as when you win a stake you decrease your bets by 1, and when you lose a stake you will be required to increase your bet by 1.

It is a nice strategy but a losing run may cost you all of your earned profit.

  • The Reverse D’Alembert Strategy : As the name itself suggests, the The Reverse D’Alembert Strategy is the exact inverse of the D’Alembert Strategy. It is also known as Contra-D’Alembert or Anti D’Alembert unlike the previous strategy in which you decrease your bet by 1 if you win and increase your bet by 1 if you lose, this reverse betting system rules that if you win, you increase your bets by 1 and if you fail you go down by 1.

The Contra-D’Alembert has its benefits and drawbacks. Since you are not increasing your bet if you lose, you stand on the safer side and you know that your money is safe. Moreover, if you keep on winning, you may end up ultimately winning big money. The drawback is that if you win and lose consecutively then you are in danger of losing your money.

  • The Fibonacci Strategy : The Fibonacci strategy is clearly based on the mathematical series of fibonacci. If there was no such series, then there would not have been any fibonacci betting system. The mathematical sequence of the series is :

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144

The coming number is equal to the total of the previous 2 numbers.

In gambling if you lose your bet, you proceed to the next available number in the series. But if you win your bet you move back by 2 numbers.

  • The James Bond Theory : Contradict to its name this betting system is the simplest of all the minimum amount is $200.

-From 19-36, the bet is $140

-From 13-18, the bet is $50

For 0, the bet is $10 as insurance amount.

If the outcome is from 19 to 36, your profit is $80

-If the outcome is from 13 to 18 your profit would be $100

-If you get 0 then your profit would be $160

-If you get from 1 to 12 then you lose and place your next bet with the Martingale strategy.

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