Best Roulette Apps

Roulette2015 is predicted to be the year where the mobile game market will outgrow that of consoles and rake in a whopping $25 billion, a 42% increase from 2013.   This news means the markets are being flooded with gaming apps making it harder to find a roulette app that meets your needs. When looking for the best roulette apps you need not only look for your operating system but determine if you want European, French or American mobile roulette.

Top 3 Roulette Apps

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The difference between American and the European apps is the number of zeros on the wheel.   The American roulette apps have two zeros decreasing your odds of winning. The difference between European and French apps is the layout of the tables and of course the lesser number of zeros. The best rated mobile apps are as follows:

  • Roulette Deluxe-Available in both iPhone and Android.   This app has great graphics with a good interface making it good for multiuser play. It is fast-moving and provides one of the best mobile roulette gaming experiences out there.
  • Roulettist-Available in both iPhone and Android. This is one of the better multi-player games with pictures of players and chat available. Polished graphics and a variety of layouts make playing a delight. It offers all three formats, European, French and American to play. The downside of this app is it is quirky with its stability and sometimes hard to find available tables at which to play.
  • Roulete 2k10 Lite-Available only for Android. This is a straight forward game without the bells and whistles that allows for zippy game play. If you are attached to watching the wheel spin this might be disappointing as the wheel is shuffled to the background. Although minimal in options the graphics are off the charts! It has a multi-player and challenge options.
  • Roulette Casino Style!-Available in both iPhone and Android. Offering European or American play, this app has crisp graphics but is rather hum-drum in the excitement category. It does have a multi-player option but that too is lacking. While lacking in thrills it does offer quality game play.
  • Casino Master-Available only for iPhone. This is a multi-suite offering eight casino apps beyond roulette. There is no multi-play option and the games are simplistic at best. The graphics are adequate with few advanced options.   If you are whiling away time on the subway this is a great free app.

Mobile app stores are not the only place to obtain roulette apps. The online gaming industry offers mobile versions of their games for your gaming needs. A few of the top sites are:

  • Jackpot City
  • Swiss Casino
  • Lady Lucks-
  • Virgin Casino

Online casinos don’t require you to download an app but you interface with their mobile options. This is offers a much greater variety and in-depth roulette gaming experience.   The draw backs of using online gaming apps for playing roulette on your mobile device is the cost of data usage and battery life of your unit.

Another consideration when using an online mobile roulette app is that not all casinos allow USA players. Bovada App is one of the few that allows for USA resident to play online roulette using a mobile device without using a program to hide your IPN address.

The mobile gaming market is exploding! iPhone remains at the top of the heap in mobile gaming revenue, followed by Google Play while the industry overall is seeing a shift into the tablet market. Whether you choose to download an app from a store or go to a casino’s online mobile app, you will find plenty of high quality roulette apps to keep you entertained day or night.

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