Mobile Roulette From NextGen

roulette2NextGen is a casino software company that is part of NYX Gaming. NextGen came into the casino software gaming industry in 1999 and been giving their players high quality casino games since then. There most popular casino games are their slots and they mainly focus on them but they have come out with some other great casino games, like roulette. Roulette NextGen has one roulette game that players can play, Roulette Master. Roulette Master can be played on various casino websites as well as mobile.

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Vegas Paradise
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Jackpot Paradise
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Jackpot Paradise

Roulette Master

Roulette Master is set up like European roulette. Which means there isn’t a double zero on the board. It’s easy to play as long as you know all about the game.

  • The roulette wheel has the numbers 1-36 on the board as well as a green zero. These are in non-sequential order and are red and black.
  • On the table you will find all of the numbers as well as a bet for odds, evens, red, black, and groups of numbers 1-18 and 19-36.
  • The wagers on Roulette Master are a little different than a regular roulette wheel. You can wager between five cents to up to two hundred and fifty dollars. And there isn’t a limit on how much you can bet on the game. The usually minimum bet is one dollar and maximum is five hundred.
  • To start the game you can click on the number, a range of numbers, red, black, odds, or evens to start the game. Then once you bet is made you click on the play button.
  • If the ball lands on your bet then you win. And then you can bet again.
  • And unlike most roulette games, Roulette Master clears the table after each bet so you can place your bet on a different number or color each time.

Roulette Master Features

Roulette Master allows you to customize the table and game feel under options. Here you can change different aspects of your game play.

  • Change the color theme of the table to green, black, purple, gray, blue, or red.
  • You can also choose the speed of the game to normal or turbo.
  • The voice can also be changed from female to male.
  • And like most games you can get rid of the music, sound, or voice if you choose to.
  • And the quality can be changed as well from high, medium, and low.

Places To Find Roulette Master Mobile

Like most casino software companies, NextGen has a huge list of place where you can play Roulette Master on your desktop or mobile device. Some of these places have an app, while other let you play their mobile games right from their website using your mobile web browser.


  • – Mobile and Online Casino
  • Gala Coral Group – An app for iOS users and a link for other mobile devices.
  • JackpotParadise– go to the websites mobile casino app and sign up compatible with  any smartphone or Tablet
  • 888 – App
  • Bet 365 – Play from website.

All of these websites will allow you to play roulette on the go from your tablet or smartphone.

While roulette is not one of the most popular casino games because it doesn’t have the flash or big wins that you might get from one of NextGen’s slot machines, it is still a good game to play. If you play the game and guess the right color, number, numbers, or odd or even, you can win big. And since the game keeps track of all the numbers and colors drawn it makes it easier to place a bet on which will come up next. And most of these mobile casinos let you play for free or give you a bonus for signing up, so you can tryout Roulette Master first.

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