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Playtech is a gaming company that creates graphics for gambling websites including sports betting. The company was founded in 1999 by a group of entrepreneurs in all of the relevant industries such as the casino industry for insight into the games, the software engineering industry for insight into creating the software for the games, and the multimedia industry for their insight into creating such games as well. All of these people came together to create something wonderful that has lasted all these years and has only grown stronger over time. Now, this company is one of the highest ranking companies of its kind.

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Jackpot Paradise
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Jackpot Paradise

Every time someone wants to build an online casino or casino game, they must first find a company like this one to do the work on the games. With all of the games out there, this means a lot of business for the top players in the field like PlayTech. This gives them a real edge in the growing world of online gaming.


Now that you know all about PlayTech and what it is they do, you should know more about the results that they produce from those methods. PlayTech has many different kinds of roulette, all with their own specialties.

Roulette, as most people know, is a wheel with numbers written on the edges of it. Your job when playing this game is to try and guess where a ball will land when spun on the wheel in the opposite direction that the wheel is moving in. You can bet on any single number on the wheel or you can bet on which color it will land on, black or red. Be careful though, because while the black or red bet seems the safest 50/50 chance, there are also green spots that can make that assumption untrue as well. It is a tricky game but very exciting to play. The less odds there are of what you pick being the right answer, the more money you will make if it is as well. This simple sounding game does have many forms though, and PlayTech has them all.

Basic Roulette

This game can be played in single or multiplayer to allow you to play alone or with others online playing at the same time just as you would find in a real casino. This gives you a real casino experience. There are a series of simple buttons that can dictate which move you make next.

  • The clear bets button gives you the option to clear your previous bet
  • The rebet button gives you the option to bet again
  • The spin and start the game buttons are pretty self explanatory
  • The double bet button gives you the option to double your bet
  • Also there is a skip turn button for when you are playing multiplayer and want to watch rather than actually bet this time around.

Premium Roulette

This is a 3D version of the game where everything seems more real to the player. They have this function in European, French and American roulette syles along with a pro roulette version as well.


They even have a Marvel roulette which incorporates comic book characters into the game to make it more fun for those who love the Marvel series of comics. It is sure to be an amazing and fun filled game of roulette that is just as unique as it is exacting.

No matter what roulette game you decide to play, PlayTech has the best of the best when it comes to mobile roulette games. Playing with them is playing the best of the best.


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