Prime Slots Mobile

prime slots casinoPrime Slots is one of the leading casino slots websites on the Internet and they also allow you to play their slot games on your mobile device. Prime Slots was first launched in 2011 and they offer many of players favorite slot games all in one place, which is why Prime Slots has become so popular. Some of the slots that Prime Slots features are:

  • South Park
  • Jack Hammer
  • Star Burst
  • Slot 777


Prime Slots gives you slots on the go with their mobile version of their popular slot games. The mobile version also allows you to play the slots jackpot, which is up to one hundred thousand euros. Being able to play Prime Slots 24 hours a day really helps increase your odds of winning big. And unlike most mobile slots, Prime Slots allows you to try out the games without having to make a deposit. And when you sign up for Prime Slots mobile, you can enjoy freebies. You get one hundred and ten free spins on the games, which means you can win money before you even make your first deposit. They are so confident about their slots that they let you play for free.


Every slot machine on Prime Slots pays out one average once every three spins, which makes winning the jackpot easier. Prime Slots have made their mobile slots easy to play and fun. They use the best graphics and technology so you can play their slots anywhere. And they give all of their regular players free bonuses all the time to keep them coming back. This is usually in the form of prizes or even free competitions that you can enter that don’t require a deposit. And they have all of the best progressive slots that will give you a huge jackpot at random if you play it.

Prime Slots saw that most players play to pass the time, which is why they have their mobile version. And it doesn’t matter if you are a desktop or mobile player, you can always collect the promotions that Prime Slots offers. That means you have to makes sure you add Prime Slots to your email address book so you don’t miss out on all of the free bonuses and prizes you can win. And you don’t have to deposit anything to collect these bonuses. They will also keep you up to date with all of the new games available to you. And they give you free bonuses on these games to try them out.

How To Get Prime Slots Mobile

There are two ways that you can play Prime Slots on your mobile device. You can scan the QR code and start playing or click a link on their website and get a text message with the link to start playing.


As I mentioned, you get one hundred and ten free spins when you first sign up. This is over three days and there is more you can get when you sign up.

  • You get ten free spins on your first day playing Prime Slots.
  • Fifty free spins on the second day.
  • And another fifty on the third day that you play.
  • You also get a matching bonus on your first deposit to Prime Slots.
  • And you have to deposit at least twenty euro on the second and third day to get the one hundred free spins.
  • They also have live tournaments that their players can participate in.
  • And if you become a member of the Club Clover, you will get VIP rewards for each bet you make on Prime Slots. This means more promotional offers as well as prize money.


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